You’ll Read This If You Want To

How are you dealing with the pressure of having no readers? It’s been an anxiety for me. Why would I write something if no one is going to read it? You see…I haven’t been able to uncover the intangible, therapeutic, meditative benefits that writing just to write seems to provide for others. There’s a hump I still need to get over. I’m not writing for me yet (even if I have tried).

This post first started entitled, “You Won’t Read This…” an ode to the intersection of survivorship bias and imposter syndrome. That is, survivorship bias, the very real phenomenon that we tend to focus on winners and the most successful amongst us (hint: not me). And the fact that in understanding survivorship bias it creates an even stronger likelihood of imposter syndrome. You know…the fear that magnifies your self-doubt. The fear that paralyzes you with inaction and celebrates as you steer further from the publish button.

So how did I even get this far? Hat tip to Writer’s Bloc member, Imah Aslam, who pointed me to this Naval quote and pushed me to finish this thought.

I’m not here to make money.

I’m here to build relationships with like minded people that I haven’t met yet.

The friends I’ve made through a startup writing community, Writer’s Bloc, are proof.

Someone will read your stuff if they want to.

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