Twitter Tiers

Disclaimer: This post is the beginning of a larger project that I’m working on.

I’ve been spending time sifting through my Twitter follows and trying to break them down into a few different groups. After some digging, I’ve found three clear tiers.

The Thinkers

These are the thought influencers. If you think about yourself on a personal journey map, this tier is where you want to end up. For me, people like Naval Ravikant, James Clear, Shane Parrish, and others fill this void. This group helps me to understand systems thinking and provide (hold your hat)… paradigm shifting input to push me and other followers to challenge the status quo.

The Enablers

Out of the stratosphere lands a group of people that make you feel like you can be them. These are like Twitter role models or older siblings. In the not so distant past, perhaps they were in my shoes. They’re actively curating a brand, a voice, or an audience, and are providing immense value along the way. Some of my Twitter role models are Amanda Goetz, Matthew Kobach, Jack Appleby, Jack Butcher, David Perrell, and a long list of others that I can’t fit in this post.

The Seekers

The me group! A ground floor of individuals who are consuming thoughts and ideas from the above two tiers, while looking to create an opportunity to share their own. This group is still a bit afraid they aren’t expert enough. This group is filled with voices seeking consistency. And it’s full of ambitious folks who want to become Enablers.

These tiers do it all for me. I’ve got hard working people to push me forward, “reachable” stars to provide a mold for growth, and original thinkers and influencers at the top. Here’s to moving up the tiers myself.