• Sometimes Passions

    I just started reading William Poundstone’s, Fortunes Formula: The Untold Story of the Scientific Betting System that Beat the Casinos and Wall Street. It was recommended to me by a few friends that also have a strong interest in finance and gambling. After only a few pages, Poundstone walks through the life of Claude Shannon, […]

  • Forgetting the Experts

    The result has been a few posts on this site that came at the expense of authenticity. I took a swing at some topics I liked and figured other people would be interested in. But rather than provide much of my own insight, I was largely regurgitating expert opinions.

  • Do Nothing And See How It Feels

    Did you see this Naval tweet from a couple days ago? To measure the quality of your life, simply do nothing, and see how it feels. — Naval (@naval) April 18, 2020 I did. And…I took him up on it. In an effort to assess the quality of my life, I did nothing over the […]