Ringers, NimBuds, Profit

The NFT world has stolen most of my free focus in recent weeks. Half of me is love drunk on the chance of being at the ground floor of a massive emerging market. A quarter of me is love drunk on the possibility of flipping into wealth in the near term. And the other quarter of me loves the thought of holding these as collectibles.

Becoming Jobless

I wrote or published 62 blogposts in 2020. But only a handful of the 62 were easy to write. I spent most of my time searching for topics that might be of interest to a wide array of individuals. I tried to nice myself into a space that was interesting and fun. Sometimes I found my way there authentically. Other times I tried, and likely just regurgitated something Naval tweeted.

You’ll Read This If You Want To

How are you dealing with the pressure of having no readers? It’s been an anxiety for me. Why would I write something if no one is going to read it? You see…I haven’t been able to uncover the intangible, therapeutic, meditative benefits that writing just to write seems to provide for others. There’s a hump I still need to get over. I’m not writing for me yet (even if I have tried).