For the Love of the Art…?

There has been plenty of debate about the driving forces of the current NFT boom. A bubble fueled by speculation, the next artistic renaissance, a little of both. I started my venture as an investor and speculator. And even though I’ve gently begun to take on more of a collector mindset, my purchases have largely […]

Conviction, Profits, and One Big Question

I’ve spent a lot of time recently lurking Discords, scrolling Twitter, and stumbling through internet wormholes in unexpected ways. This is where I find my edge…or so I’ve told myself. I thought it would be deflating to come to the realization that my best skill might be finding and screening information on the internet. But […]

Non-Fungible Logans

I lied and I need to come clean. In my last post, I shared the following… The NFT world has stolen most of my free focus in recent weeks. Half of me is love drunk on the chance of being at the ground floor of a massive emerging market. A quarter of me is love drunk […]