• Take a Walk

    A little more than two years ago, I was seated right where I am now—at a cheap, shaky desk, in my little brother’s room at my childhood home. And quite a few times in the days in between, I’ve written this post in my head. Every time it comes out a bit too dramatic. A […]

  • For the Love of the Art…?

    There has been plenty of debate about the driving forces of the current NFT boom. A bubble fueled by speculation, the next artistic renaissance, a little of both. I started my venture as an investor and speculator. And even though I’ve gently begun to take on more of a collector mindset, my purchases have largely […]

  • Conviction, Profits, and One Big Question

    I’ve spent a lot of time recently lurking Discords, scrolling Twitter, and stumbling through internet wormholes in unexpected ways. This is where I find my edge…or so I’ve told myself. I thought it would be deflating to come to the realization that my best skill might be finding and screening information on the internet. But […]